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Dark Train

steampunk vehicle adventure made of paper · By Paperash Studio


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Chimney Sweepers wish you a lot of luck! (PF 2019)
Dear Passengers, a new adventurous journey awaits! Chimney Sweepers wish you a lot of luck in 2019! 🙌...
15 000 💙
For each Dark Train player one Chimney Sweeper! Thanks to all of you who supported us! Here you can see the representation of Dark Train passengers in numbers...
The mysterious letter – story of Dark Train
After many years of intense work, D. W. Tagrezbung completed the contract how shows the preserved correspondence … Dear D. W. Tagrezbung … Furthermore, I...
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Dark Train – New Price $9.99
Dear Passengers, important news! It's more than one year since Dark Train left its depo. So far we've traveled many kilometers without any scratch so our railro...
Pour Féliciter 2018! 💙
Dear passengers, we wish you a happy new year full of good mood, health, and games! Soon we will have some news about new game – Dark Train: Coupe so stay tun...
Dark Train – Winter Update & 80% Sale
Quiet place with snowy ways for rest. The Border City awaits. Heat metal, heat Ann, heat the frozen heart of Dark Train. DARK TRAIN X–MAS 80% SALE We are gett...
Dark Train for FREE – One Year Anniversary & valuable experience with scammers
ONE YEAR CELEBRATION: We celebrate one year of Dark Train, celebrate with us. We are giving aways free tickets for the ride! :) (without Steam keys => comment b...
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How we created Czech Art Game of Year │ Making of Dark Train Visual
In this article we would like to familiarize you with the creation process and visual philosophy of game Dark Train. Everything what you can see in the game is...